The world of opportunities…

I once heard someone say that life is all about how you handle Plan B.  I like that saying!  My life has had a lot of plan Bs… and plan Cs and plan Ds… What I hope to do here is connect with others, who are living life that just didn’t head where they thought they were going, for what ever reason.  Whether your life plan changed because of divorce, death of a loved one, economic changes, health issues or whatever I would love to hear your stories.  How are you handling Plan B?

So following the format of another blogger (I hope she doesn’t mind) I want you to submit to me your story, and answer 10 questions.

First tell us a little about yourself, male or female, age (if you want), family, what your economic situation is like and what it was like before, where do you live (no addresses, just a general idea, rural, suburban, urban area)

Then copy these questions and post them in the comment area below, or copy them onto an email along with your answers and send it to me at

1-   What caused Plan B to come into your life?

2-   How long have you been dealing with Plan B?

3-   How many friends/family would you say you have who have been a real support to you, no matter what?

4-   Who do you trust to tell anything to?

5-   What do you find to be the most difficult hurdle in accepting the changes in your life?

6-   Does a faith-base in your life help you deal with your struggles?

7-   What have you learned from your life not turning out like you planned?

8-   What advice would you give to others who are dealing with unexpected changes in their lives?

9-   What was Plan A?

10-  If you could go back to Plan A with all that you have learned from Plan B, would you?

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