Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

Life is all about change.  Some we like, some we don’t.  I think that some times in my life I have been like the photo below…

I laughed when I saw this picture, because I think it pretty much sums up how a lot of us feel about making changes.

I remember taking my kids to a babysitter when they were little and having them go limp instead of walking.  Have you ever tried to lift a little kid when they do that?  They suddenly gain 2 tons of weight.

We all have a fear of the unknown to some degree.  It can be at work, in our relationship, family, living conditions, health or whatever.  We struggle against change.

Today I was watching some squirrels play outside in our backyard.  Two of them were romping and jumping, climbing a tree and then leaping from one branch to the tip end of a branch on another tree.  I wondered how much different life would be if we all plunged right in with our full hearts like that.

My daughter is one of those people who lives life fully.  She enjoys life as much as she possibly can.   I love that in her!  When she was little she would dive right into the swimming pool, forgetting that she didn’t know how to swim.  She had confidence that we would grab her and keep her from drowning.  She knew she was safe.

What makes you feel safe?  Where or to who do you look for stability?

My Plan A was to be a mommy, to take care of our home, make it a place where the grandkids would come one day.  Now I know that isn’t everybody’s idea of heaven, but it was mine.

I wound up working as a juvenile probation officer for 15 years.  It was sort of my version of still getting to be a mom full-time, only it was to hundreds of other kids.  It served our family very well.  I learned things I would never have known if I had been a stay-at-home mom.  It was a good blend.  I was able to know what was going on with my kids and still provide an income.

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