Action Words

This last weekend my husband and I had a few days to ourselves, which is nice!  His youngest lives with us.  She is a great kid!  It’s just nice to have a bit of time for just us.

So we did some yard work, went out to dinner, rented a couple of DVDs, and then he asked me to do something.  Something I didn’t want to do.  He has this motorcycle, it’s just bigger than a dirt bike really.  Perfect for him.  It is street legal… lest you wonder.  He wanted me to go for a ride with him on the bike.

Now if you know me, you know how comical this is.  My first thoughts were something like this picture…

I did not want to get on that bike!!!  However, I love my husband and I knew it would tickle him to no end.  So I agreed.

Now, we are both… shall we say… fluffy.  The nice skinny figure of my younger years is gone! So I imagine we looked something like two circus bears on one little bicycle.

As we exited our neighborhood, scrunched on that motorcycle, helmets tapping as I clung on to my husband for dear life, a car went by.  The occupants looked at us and broke down in hysterical laughter!

He said we would go for a ride around the neighborhood.  I was thinking a couple of blocks.  We were gone for 15 minutes.  It felt like at least two hours.  I had such a death grip around my sweetheart’s chest that I’m surprised he could breathe.

He took me out on some county roads.  He would point out fields and tell me what was growing there.  I could tell he was having a great time!  Me… not so much.

I finally started to ask myself why I was so scared.  I trust my husband.  Yes, I did have most of my weight on one butt cheek most of the ride, and I was in pain.  That wasn’t it.  I have a seizure disorder and I was afraid that I would have a seizure and without a backrest I could have fallen off.  That wasn’t really it either.

I am afraid of letting someone else be in control.  I’m afraid of letting go and just relaxing in the moment.  (NO! I would not have let go of him for anything!)

Trust, love and faith are all action words.  Sometimes we just have to quit thinking and start doing.

Loving someone sometimes means that we do the things that they like.  It means that we put our ego on the back burner and let them be in control.  It means putting their needs before ours, and enjoying the fact that they are happy.  I can be just as happy (if not more) watching my husband enjoy the things he likes to do, as I am doing what I like.

Will I ride a motorcycle with my husband again?  Yes…  When it is a bigger bike with a backrest.

What do you do for the people you love?

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