Makes you stop and think

Today I got news that my first mother-in-law passed away. She was about 85 years old, so she has lived a good life. It made me think of the time that I spent with her. She taught me a lot. She taught me to can food. She taught me to quilt and to sew. Oh and she had to have some patience on that one! She had been a Home Ec. teacher in her younger years. She went on to have 9 children. The last being 20 years younger than the first.

She was a tough little lady! All 5’2″ of her. She had to be, she had 6 sons and three daughters. She took care of her own mother-in-law in her the last few years that she had lived.

My former father-in-law grew a garden larger than the yard I have now. So she had to can food and can food and can food. I’m sure it took that much to feed a family of 11.

She was not an easy one to win over either. I didn’t do things her way and she let me know about it.

Still, she has my never ending gratitude to this day, for things that she taught me.

I can’t help but think how this reflects back on the whole idea of living plan B. We don’t start out thinking we are going to get divorced when we get married. We think we will live happily ever after with the person we are with. When that doesn’t happen we have to reset our sail and find better waters.

Sailing alone for a while is necessary in my opinion. It takes a while to clear your head, find yourself and then decide if you want to share someone else’s boat again.

Getting divorced means losing the family we had come to love as our own.

Every person we meet in this life adds something to who we are. The goal is to take away from that encounter the good things about that person. Never forget that each life you touch changes them too.  So change them for the better.

Here she is with my daughter and her family. She still had such a smile!

We love you Merle!

With all of her children and some of their families

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