Different paths

I was talking with a friend a little while ago about the different struggles we face. She told me about her battle with infertility.  She and her husband were married for 8 years and still no babies.

She kept herself busy with school, gaining her degree in elementary education.  During that time they went through invitro fertilization treatments.  She said that the hormones were so hard on her, and her husband.  Her moods were all over the place.

Watching people younger than them start their families was very hard on them.  They cried together, they prayed together, and clung to their faith.

I watched this wonderful woman teach children and do such a good job.  She is amazing with kids!  Some people just have that special something that helps them click with kids.  She is one of them!

She said that after the third miscarriage they decided to try adoption.  As she told the story she sat with the most beautiful little baby boy on her lap.  He has a head full of dark hair.  She said that they were chosen as this little boy’s parents in an open adoption, just shortly after registering to adopt.  His birth mother had been scouring the pictures of families and just couldn’t find the right ones.  Then finally she was given their profile.  She said that she immediately recognized them as the people who should adopt and raise her baby.

I have a relative who didn’t get married until she was 37 years old.  She thought that she was beyond the age of having children but stilled hoped to have a child of her own.  She had 4 children.  The fourth was born when this dear lady was 47 years old.

Now, I am 50 years old this year, and I can’t really imagine having a three year-old.  I have grandchildren older than that.

We each have our own paths.  Sometimes they don’t take us where we expected.  Whether it is struggling with infertility or more fertility than we expected.  We all learn to adjust to disappointments and trials and miracles in life.

I have 4 children.  Each was born right around 18 months after the next.  So by the time the fourth one was born I had a newborn, and 18 month-old, a three year-old and a four and half year old.  Yes, I had 4 preschoolers at once!  I look back and I have no idea how I did that.

At one point we were looking for a place to rent. The landlord of the apartment we were looking at took a look at my precious children and said, “They must be such a burden on you.”  Being the mama bear that I am I shot back, “They aren’t a burden to me, but obviously they would be to you.”  I grabbed my children and marched out without looking back.

I was once told, “Every child is a million.  So when you are feeling poor, take a look around at how rich you really are.”  I may not have much of the material things of the world, but I am very rich indeed!

On the day of my first grandchild’s birth I realized a Grandma had just been born.

I have 4 grandchildren now.  They are worth more than money can buy!

What are the unexpected paths that you have walked in your life?

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