Watch where you are going

I married my sweetheart just over 6 months ago.  I moved here to Oregon 4 months ago.  Now my husband has a dog named Athena.  She is a Brittany Spaniel.  Overall she is a good dog.  She sheds which drives me crazy, but I adjust.


During the winter months it rains, and rains, and rains here.  So I began letting the dogs out (I have a toy poodle) by putting them on leashes and letting them walk out to the backyard to do their thing.  I remained safely in the back doorway where it was dry.  Athena kept on wrapping herself around a fig tree that my husband planted right next to the patio.  It drove me NUTS!  I would end up going outside and trying to get this dog to come back around the tree.  She would pull harder the opposite way and I would end up soaked from the rain.

A couple of weeks ago Athena did the same thing as usual.  Only I let go of the leash.  She came into the house.  It finally dawned on me that all I had to do was let go rather than trying to force her to do it my way.  I looked at Athena, patted her on the head and said, “Well girl, you finally taught me!  It only took four months but I finally got the message.”

My dad used to say, “If it doesn’t work the first time try something else.  Don’t just get a bigger hammer.”  It was one of those sayings that parents have.  He grew up as a farmer and I find that children of farmers have heard many of the same things that I did.

My favorite saying my dad used to say was, “Get your rear end behind you!”  He’d yell that in exasperation when he was having me help lift something or wash the car.  I never could understand this one!  I mean really!  I don’t know of anyone whose rear end suddenly snuck around in front of them when they weren’t looking do you?  So as far as I know my rear end has been behind me all of my life!

I know that I had some things that I said over and over to my kids.  The one that comes to mind is “Watch where you are going, not where you’ve been.”  My middle son was always getting bruises, goose eggs, and black eyes from running into things.  He would be playing with his brothers, running away from one of them, and turn to see if they were coming.  He would run into the corner of the walls over and over.

I’d say, “Watch where you are going, not where you’ve been.”

It is kind of fitting for everyday life I think.  If we will look forward to the future rather than focusing on the past we won’t wind up with as many bruises.

What things did your parents say to you?  Or what have you said to your children?

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