Dog vs Turtle

So a couple of weeks ago a neighbor gave a turtle to my stepdaughter, Eliza.  The neighbor had found it in her yard.  Her dog was barking like crazy and trying desperately to get the turtle.

So we took in the lost turtle.  I have to say it is quite the COOL creature!

Neither of us had ever had a turtle before and had no idea where to start.  Nate and I are both big researchers so we read everything we could get our hands on about turtles.  We identified our turtle as a Desert Box Turtle.  We live in the Pacific Northwest so we know it isn’t from around here.  Which is good because Oregon has some native turtles that it is illegal to possess.

Mazie the turtle

So we bought all of the necessary turtle paraphernalia.  Who knew a turtle needed so much?  Eliza wanted to name the turtle after her latest boy crush but thankfully the turtle appears to be female (the eyes and nose tell… not what you might have been thinking) so she is named Mazie.

I have really enjoyed watching this little creature!  She likes fruits and vegetables.  It is kinda cool to watch her bite into a carrot or an apple.  We bought a big terrarium to house her indoors although we plan on building an outdoor enclosure too.  We had to put cardboard around the outside of the terrarium or the poor turtle thinks it can get out and goes crazy.

So Athena, the aforementioned dog, (check the previous post) took about a week to notice the turtle.  Since she has though, she is OBSESSED!  She has tried everything she can think of to get to the turtle.  She has crawled over the couch, onto a chair and on top of boxes to get a better look at the turtle.  When scolded and told to get down she whines and looks in the direction of the turtle.  It’s like she is saying, “There is something over there!  I must see what it is!  Don’t you understand?”  On the occasions that the turtle has gotten on top of it’s log or raised its head high enough for Athena to see her she go berzerk!  She starts whining a whine I have never heard before and crawling over anything and anyone in her way to get to that silly turtle.  Which is not that funny if you happen to be in her way at the time!

You never really know how intelligent or how persistent (read sneaky) a dog is until a situation like this.  I have walked into the room without knowing where Athena was only to have her BOLT back over the couch and put herself in her kennel.  No words necessary from me, she knows she is in trouble and she just got caught.

I decided that she won’t actually hurt the turtle, she is just very, very curious about her!  Great entertainment at our house though!

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