Two homes in one

If you have ever been remarried, or know anyone who has, you know the problem with trying to put two households into one.  I left behind a HUGE amount of my stuff when I moved here.  Still we have boxes that I haven’t unpacked because of lack of space.

I have plans for where I want everything to go.  It is just the process of getting everything put there, that is dragging on.  I am working on painting one bedroom so that I can turn it into my office/craft room/ art studio.   The room was trashed by its previous occupants aka my stepsons.  I would post the ‘before’ pictures but the things written on the walls are too offensive.   I will post the ‘after’ results when I get to that point.

I have a new-found hero.  It is Windex multi surface cleaner.  Oh my goodness!  This stuff really works wonders!  There is a bunch of stuff written on the walls in red marker.  I spray it with Windex and it immediately makes the color start bleeding out.  I have gone over it probably 6 or 7 times on one wall and I can barely see the graffiti!  So if you are ever looking for a really good cleaner I recommend that one.  (It’s really good on oven grease too!)

Anyhow, it is really difficult to determine where everything goes, whose paintings get to be on the walls etc.

We have doubles of movies, three TVs now, three DVD players, four couches, two sets of washer and dryers, multiple sets of dishes, two dogs and a turtle and I am feeling very claustrophobic!

Weeding all of this stuff out is not that easy.  Sometimes I think we are going to have to play “rock/paper/scissors” to decide whose stuff get the prime places.

Relationships in a new blended family take a while to find their place as well.  We are finally starting to feel like a family.

Step-parenting is not the same as parenting either.  There is this invisible line that you can’t cross and I’m not always sure where it is until I cross it.  Then I see the defensiveness in my sweetheart’s face and I know to back off.   We have different parenting styles, so that has to be negotiated too.

I have court training as a negotiator.  I was trained to do child custody negotiation.  I never thought I would get to use those skills quite this way.  They do come in very handy at times though!

How have you navigated the rocky waters of blending two families?

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