Fifty shades of WHAT?!

I have a kindle and I have to admit that I love it!  I never thought I would because I am such a book lover.  I love the feel of a book, the smell of a book, even the weight of a book.  Books take us to new wonderlands and open our minds to the thoughts of others.  I own a ton of books!  I love to re-read certain books.  I love to highlight the pages.  However, the kindle has proven to be very convenient and saved our house from collapsing under the weight of my books.  (I just hate to get rid of them!  I want a library room filled with books.)  I have found that I can have thousands of books in one convenient  little platform.

So one of my favorite things to do since I got my kindle is to go online and see what free books I can find for my kindle.  I am amazed at the offerings!  So yesterday as I was going down the list of the top 100 free books I glanced over at the list of the top 100 selling books.  My eyes landed on Fifty Shades of Grey. I had heard mention of this book in passing but never took note as to what it actually is.  This book , in fact all three in the series, are out selling Hunger Games.  So I clicked on the description.  I noticed that it states “This book is intended for mature audiences.”  It also says, “Erotic, amusing and deeply moving.”

Okay I may be a reading prude, but I steer away from anything that says “erotic”.  I just feel that I have so many better things to be filling my mind with than that.  There are so many good, uplifting, and positive things to read out there.

So I thought about this a bit more.  What does, “This book is intended for mature audiences.” really mean?  Only people over 55 can read it?  I don’t think so.  I think it is a disclaimer so that when someone, who is innocent or naive, picks this book up and is shocked by the content, the publisher can say, “We warned you”.

Maybe it is there as an enticement to our children, our youth.  There is something about telling someone, especially a young person, that they can’t have something that drives them to want it.

The description white washes the topic.  The main character in the book actually signs a contract to allow a man to do anything to her that he wants.  This includes bondage and sado-masochistic type of acts.  It is written to make these acts sound appealing and desirable instead of degrading.  This alarms me!

The fact that these three books are on the top three selling spots alarms me even more.  I predict that just like the “Twilight” series brought on an onslaught of vampire and were-wolf books to the scene, these books will bring a flood of books with the same depravity dressed up as “romance”.

What we read does matter!  What we fill our minds with is what we think about.  Our thoughts control our words and our actions.

I used to mainly read non-fiction books.  I love to learn so much that I had gotten away from the fun of reading fiction.  Fiction takes us to a place made up by the mind of someone else.  If they do a good job of it, the reader is enveloped in that world and their own imagination takes over.  I think that is another reason to be especially careful of the fiction that we read.

I cannot imagine my sweet Grandma reading a book like this.  I would hope my daughter would never read a book like this.  So why would I want to?

Color me fifty shades of red… not grey.  Right is right even if no one is doing it.  Wrong is wrong if even if everyone is doing it.

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