Turtle vs Snail

I wrote earlier about our little Box Turtle and how obsessed the dog is with her (which hasn’t changed).  Today I wanted to write about the turtle.  Did you know that turtles are omnivores?  Which basically means they will eat anything!  They are kind of like the goats of the reptile world.

Snails beefing up on oatmeal

Last week my dear hubby brought home some snails that he picked up around the shop where he works, after a good rain.  We wondered how the turtle would handle the snails.  Well she popped up her head and watched them move around her domicile for about a minute.  Then it was like a gory scene from a horror movie!  She turned into mini Tyrannosaurus Rex.  She zoomed (in turtle form) across the terrarium to the first snail and… wait for it… CRUNCH!  She bit into the snail shell and all!  CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH!

By then the other snails had seen the fate that awaited them and were doing all they could to hide.

Turtles are actually a lot faster than you might imagine, especially when they have dinner on their minds.  So the turtle had no problem catching and devouring the other snails in minutes flat.

Of course my husband and I weren’t the only ones who were interested in what was going on.  Athena aka obsessed dog, was doing her best to get a view of the carnage.  She was climbing around and trying to get the best spot she could without getting yelled at.

I was going to change the turtle’s water but decided that with the gleam in her eye, that said she wanted more blood, I’d best wait to put my fingers in there.  (Not really, she hasn’t bitten anyone, but it sounds good doesn’t it?)

So today we have a new batch of snails waiting to be sacrificed to the turtle.  I’m going to let my hubby put them in there.  It really kind of fascinates him.  Okay, I find it kind of amazing too.  Still… I’m not touching them!  Ew!  At least they aren’t slugs!  I really couldn’t touch those!

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