Fireworks and neurotic dogs

I just read that the 5th of July is the busiest day at pet shelters.  I’m not surprised.  If our dear dog, Athena, could run for the hills she would have been long gone.  The poor thing has tried to hide under the computer desk, under our legs, anywhere possible.

Dear hubby had to put her in her kennel after giving her something to calm her nerves.  It still took her almost 45 minutes to calm down. My toy poodle, Rusty, is not as unruffled, but he is still breathing hard.

I know that fireworks will be going until the wee hours of the morning.  It is a great day to celebrate!

I will be up babysitting our little furbabies.

Happy 4th of July everyone!  And take care of your pets too!

3 thoughts on “Fireworks and neurotic dogs

  1. We have a dog who we have to tranquilize each 4th. This year we bit the bullet and bought one of those thunder jacket for dogs. I was a skeptic, but hopeful. I must say I was pleased with it’s results. We had putting it on and off of his all day in preparation. We Velcro-ed the jacket on just before dark. I cannot say that it took away all of his anxiety by wearing it but we both noticed a big difference. Where he would have been panting and shaking and hiding in the closet, he stayed in the living room with us. At the height of the bang and booms he did start shaking but I will be darned if he was still wagging his tail. I have never seen that happen when there were big bangs before. I am not sure why it worked but I know I was thankful it gave him some relief.
    Take Care

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