Ole Toothless One

One of the joys of having epilepsy is breaking my teeth.  Sometimes I have a vision of a pirate with a parrot on my shoulder and only one or two teeth left in my head.  Aargh!  Avast ye mateys!  Here comes Ole Toothless One!

Sunday I broke my 5th tooth in the last year and a half.  The dentist should be delighted.  I called them Monday and they weren’t open.  I felt too crappy yesterday to go in.  So I called them today.  They are in staff training.  Really?  All of them?  So I left a message and I wait for their return call.

Why is it that when you have a broken tooth, your tongue just can’t leave it alone?  I’m an adult, I can control myself, but no, I find myself playing with that broken tooth.

Modern dentistry is a wonderful thing to have.  You have to wonder though, who chooses to be a dentist?  You know that people HATE to go to the dentist.  You get to play around in people’s mouths all day.  You smell whatever breath they may have… a scary proposition in itself.  No wonder it costs so much!  Well at least I have some very kind dentists that I go to.

So, look out dentist office!  Here comes Ole Toothless One again!

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