My how time flies!

Earlier this week I turned 50 years old!  Yes, it’s true.  I am officially old!  Ha ha!  When I was born John F Kennedy was president.  The world had never heard of or dreamed of the internet.  Black and white TVs were the norm, and not every home had one.  One time when my daughter was little I told her that when I was growing up I had a black and white TV, not color, and we didn’t even have VCRs.  She gasped with amazement then said, “You didn’t?  Then how did you watch your videos?”  Oh what a funny kid!  Now we have DVD and Blueray instead of VHS tapes.

In 1962, the year I was born, Nelson Madela was arrested by police.  The Beach Boys released “Surfin Safari”.  The house passed a bill requiring equal pay for equal work regardless of sex.  Martin Luther King was jailed in Albany, Georgia.  Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best as drummer to the Beatles.  The Beverly Hillbillies premiered on TV.  The world’s population hit 3 billion.

A lot has changed in the last 50 years.

Sometimes you look at your life and you think, “If only I could go back, armed with the knowledge I have now.”  I think that we go through the steps we do for a specific reason.  We aren’t supposed to know everything.  How else would we learn?  How else would we have a need to rely on each other?  Would we marry the same people?  Would we have the same number of children?  Would we get an education or change the direction of our education?

The thing is even small degrees in course directions would result in HUGE differences in the end.    Pilots know that getting off course even a couple of degrees can result in missing their destination.

So if I had done things differently in my life I wouldn’t have arrived where I am.  I have been through things I would rather not have gone through.  Made choices I regret.  The thing is… I like where I am now.  I have the most amazing husband!  The most amazing children and grandchildren!  So I cannot linger on the past.  Only what it has taught me.

I have learned to be patient with those we love.  Patient with those we meet.  Enjoy life more and worry about things less.  Failure won’t kill us.  Success won’t last. Forgive people or you give them power over you. Most of all you have to be comfortable with the person in the mirror in order to be comfortable with life.

As you can see above, my sweet husband made my birthday cake.  He added black food color to the frosting!  So fun!  He made me breakfast and dinner for my birthday.  What a sweetheart!  He takes good care of me.

My youngest son called me for my birthday (amongst other people) and we had a good long talk.  He and his wife sang happy birthday to me.  He thanked me for the way I raised him.  He reminded me of the good I had done in the world.  The people I have helped.  He made me cry.

Sometimes, especially as women, we have a tendency to under estimate our own value.  It is nice to be reminded that we have done some good in the world.

I don’t think I’ll hang around another 50 years, but 30 or 35 sounds good.  It will be fun to see what else changes in the world.


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