Can you do the can can?

We are growing a garden.  Something I haven’t done in quite a few years now.  It is so fun to watch the hard work start to develop into something.

This week the green beans have come on in a big way!  So we are canning beans.

I love watching the shelves fill up with canned foods!

My hubby is one of the few men I have met who cans food.  He even did it when he was a single dad.  So he is great at working together with me to get all of this done.

Beans are one of the simplest items to can.  Make sure you wash them well.  Trim off the stem.  Just add a teaspoon of canning salt, some water, and green beans.  Then cook in the pressure cooker.  Keeping at 10 pounds of pressure for 25 minutes.

Our goal is 50 quarts of green beans.  We got 28 quarts from the first picking.  So we are well on our way.

We have cucumbers, peas and zucchini that are also ready to pick and use.  In fact we had some zucchini for dinner last night.  I love fresh from the garden vegetables for dinner.

Next we are on to making relish!  Yum yum!

What are you growing in your garden?

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