Burning Sands, Blackberry Shakes, and Lewis and Clark

Like most of the country Oregon has been very hot the last few days.  So last weekend we decided to go to the coast via Astoria.  It is so be gorgeous out there!

We spent part of the day at Fort Clatsop.  This is a fort that has been rebuilt to what is like when Lewis and Clark were there.  There are canoes that replicate what they used.  It was an interesting piece of history.  We walked along a path through the woods.  Each tree or plant had an identifying marker.  My hubby loves to read these things.  He is a fountain of knowledge.  Miss E and I walked on most of the time.  It was a brisk little walk for me, but not much more than a stroll for hubby.
(I absolutely must start working out!)

While in the fort there was a volunteer (I think) telling us more about the expedition.  He told the fascinating story of Patrick Gass.  He was the last surviving member of the Expedition.  Patrick Gass was a carpenter.  He is a great example of the kind of strength these people had to have.

Mr Gass remained in the Army after the expedition and fought in the war of 1812.  He lost an eye in one of the battles.

At around 60 years of age Patric Gass decided that he wanted to have a family.  Of course women his age were beyond childbearing years, so he married a 20 year-old. Imagine being 20 years old and marrying a 60 year-old one eyed man!  They had 7 children together.  His wife died 21 years before he did and he wound up raising some of these children on his own.

When the Civil War came along Patrick Gass went down to enlist.  He was 90 years old.  So they decided to tell him that perhaps he should be a volunteer.  He did just that.  After the war he would walk 2 miles every day to the Post Office to see if he had mail, then 2 miles back.  In the end he died of a ruptured appendix.  He was 2 months short of turning 99 years old.


From there we went on to the beach!  It was so hot outside that going to the ocean sounded like such a good idea.  The sand was SO HOT!  I had sandals on.  The sand kept going under my feet and I was afraid I was going to have burns on my feet.  It was one of those situations where you are far enough along that you don’t know whether to keep going or turn back.  We made it to the water, thank goodness!  My poor little dog didn’t make it more than a couple of feet before I realized how hot it was.  I picked him up and took him the rest of the way.

I wonder if those movies where people are lost in the desert and collapse in the sand are actually realistic.  I felt how hot that sand was.  Very long laying face down in that sand and a person could die.

The water was wonderful!  People were storming the beach!  I couldn’t believe how many people were down there.

All day long I kept talking about getting a blackberry shake from Burgerville.  I love those shakes!

So on the way home we went past a Burgerville.  I was saying “Burgerville, Burgerville!”  Dear Hubby was acting like he had no idea what I was talking about.  He drove on past it.  He is such a tease.  I did eventually get my blackberry shake from Burgerville.  It was so good!

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