Garden vs Landscaping

We have these delightful little neighbors that live across the road, Jack and his wife Pat.  They are total sweethearts.  Pat has been so concerned that we don’t have a well groomed yard out front.  (Nate planted new grass this year and it was slow in filling in.)

So sweet little Pat came tootling over from their place with a wheelbarrow full of Iris bulbs.  She explained how the bulbs are dormant, and they need to be separated etc.  I love irises so I was pretty excited!

The funny part was as Pat left she said to me, “Get gardening girl!”  For a second I thought, “What was that supposed to mean?”

Now I am an Idaho girl, born and raised.  A garden to me has something to do with raising fruits and vegetables that we can eat, not flowers.  I’ve had flower beds, and I’ve heard of flower gardens, but that isn’t what comes to my mind first.

Below is a picture of our garden:  peppers, then tomatoes, then cucumbers and zucchini, green beans, peas, grapes and marion berries.  The pumpkins, and squash are not in the picture.

So do you consider this a garden or do you consider planting flowers gardening?  I call it landscaping.

21012 garden

4 thoughts on “Garden vs Landscaping

  1. When I talk about my garden, my friends assume I mean a rectangular plot with rows of vegies. Not so. A garden to me is the whole package–flowers, vegies, shrubs, and trees. Now that I have a smaller garden, I mix everything together. This year my butternut squash is snaking through the roses.

  2. To me gardening is just that, and it can be whatever suits your fancy – flowers, veggies, fruits, etc. I don’t count maintaining grass as gardening – that’s just a chore and it doesn’t have beautiful flowers and you can’t eat it. I am a lover of perennials, veggies and fruits, but each person has to find what makes them happy. If you garden, you’re outside enjoying nature so it’s a good thing.

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