I’ve been thinking a lot about my sister.  I am the oldest of six kids and I have four sisters!  One of them hasn’t been heard from in about seven years.  I miss her.  I really do.

When we were kids she was the sweetest kid!  Lisa was one of the honest to goodness sweethearts of the world!

It hurts more not knowing what happened to her than knowing she is dead.  It hurts not being able to talk to her.  She would have loved to see my grandkids!  She was always such a cute aunt.  She would have been even cuter with great nephews and nieces.

It seems that the most complicated of all relationships come from our families.  Lisa and S are twins.  Two of the cutest kids I have ever known.  I’m four and a half years older than they are so I always felt protective of them.  I may not have been able to protect them from the bad things… but I tried.

The same things are true when we are raising children.  We may not be able to protect them from everything, but we try.  We try to teach them to be good people, to be honest, trustworthy, and kind.  Sometimes we feel like we have succeeded, other times we feel like we have failed.

We may succeed for one child but not another.

The thing is… no matter how badly we blow it, or how much our family members do, we love them.  We do not agree with choices people have made, but we can still love the person.  Some we love from a distance, but we still love them.

Lisa, wherever you are, I love you!

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