Feeling crafty

I have been working on my craft room.  It is finally painted.  It is a sunny yellow.  It took a lot of work to get it looking like it does but it is so worth it!

Back in the day I was a tole painter.  I had a craft booth in two of the biggest craft fairs in town.  Oh I love painting!  Craft trends change like all things do.  So I’ve been looking into things that I can do.  I found the coolest website.  Almost as fun as Pinterest.  It is called Random Tutorial.  Find it here. 

It leads you through all sorts of crafty websites.  I even found one on tatting.  I remember my aunt saying that too many of these arts were going to be lost if the next generation didn’t learn them.  I never learned to do tatting from her.  I wish I had, I still have the chance to learn it though!

My daughter is an amazing cake baker and decorator!  She has made cakes like you wouldn’t believe!  Cake decorating seems to be a fun new trend.  It’s funny because I remember my mom learning how to make frosting roses.  She was really good at it too!  Since trends seem to kind of recycle, I am hoping maybe someday one of my grandkids will want to paint with me.

I have all the makings to start doing homemade cards.  I have a ton of ideas too.  I bought some alcohol markers and some water markers.  It should be fun!  I also have several tubs of yarn and crochet hooks.  Plus an amazing amount of beads and jewelry making stuff.  Miss E and I should have fun with that!

I also have my beloved paintbrushes and some paint.  So many ideas of things to paint!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?  Do you read?  Do you do something crafty?

3 thoughts on “Feeling crafty

  1. It’s nice to have a craft room. I love quilting, but it’s so much trouble to drag all my stuff out of the attic before I can start.

  2. I have a craft room now Denise has moved into her own apartment!! She and Emily even helped me get it organized!! Actually they did most of the work! It looks great. I am always working on too many things and never finishing anything. haha My latest is a Dr Seuss baby quilt for Austin who is already 4 months old. He is growing way too fast. Good thing it is going to be crib size and work on a toddler bed!! I also love to make jewelry and sew. Never enough time!

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