In a Jam!

We have been canning since July!  This last week I did 21 quarts of pear-apple sauce.  Yesterday we made tomato jam!  If you have never had it, you are missing out!  I have to say that it is my favorite jam we have made so far.  I like it because it isn’t as sweet as some of the berry jams.  So good!

We planted different kinds of tomatoes this year.  One is a yellow tomato.  It is so good!  I would take one of those tomatoes over a red tomato any day.  I love roma tomatoes but these are even better!

I’ve decided that Oregon has two seasons… wet and dry.  It has been dry for months now.  The lawn is brown.  We have to hand water the garden because it costs too much to just let the sprinkler go.

It has been a good summer though.  I have really enjoyed canning and watching the shelves fill up with food.

So I’m going to show just how yummy the tomato jam looks and our delicious yellow tomatoes.  Too bad you can’t taste it.

This is the recipe we used:

Red Tomato Jam

6 Cups tomato pulp

2 pkgs pectin

2 tsp lemon peel grated

1 tsp salt

4 tsp lemon juice

7 Cups sugar

Combine tomato pulp, pectin, lemon peel and lemon juice.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally.  Add sugar stirring until dissolved.  Return to a boil.  Boil hard for  one minute stirring constantly. Remove from heat.  Skim foam if necessary.  (We didn’t have any.)  Ladle hot jam into hot jars leaving 1/4 inch headspace.  Place two piece caps on.  Process 10 minutes in boiling water canner.

Yield 5 pints

7 thoughts on “In a Jam!

  1. Sweetheart – ya I know this is hubby here – you forgot to add that we use a little bit – maybe a tablespoon of butter to help keep the foam down – Love ya –

  2. I think I learned that butter trick from my gram. But I can credit you for showing me how to make yellow tomato jam. It sounds delish!

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