Culinary creations

Today I decided to try out a new bread recipe.  You can find it here.  I used my kitchen-aid mixer and did the rest by hand. Next time I think I will bake each loaf in it’s own pan… maybe.  I am worried that it won’t quite be done where it touches.

It looks so good!  I can’t wait to eat it tonight!  Ooh we need some honey!  I love honey on fresh bread.

I’ve been able to try out some new recipes lately and it is so fun!  I have a recipe book that is from my mom’s mom’s family.  I am going to start going through those and trying out some of those recipes.

My first real cookbook, that I have used for 30 years, was a Betty Crocker Cookbook that I got at a garage sale, so this baby is old!  The recipes are great though!

I have a cookbook that the county I used to work in put together.  That is a fun one to use too!

The best source of course is always mom’s recipes.

What are your favorite recipes?  Where did you get them from?

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