Canning, baking and birthdays

I have been enjoying the fall weather and continuing to do some canning since I last posted.  Today I am finishing up some pickled figs.  Our tree has produced so many figs it is ridiculous!  I am completely amazed at how much one little tree can put on!  There are still little ones growing too!

A week or two ago I made some chili sauce using a recipe from my Great Grandmother Empey.  Now that is some delicious chili sauce!

Before that it was grapes.  I am looking forward to drinking that home-canned grape juice this winter.  Yum yum!  We have a couple different varieties of grapes, concord and a lighter variety.  You can see the two side by side in same jar in the picture.

Since the weather has been cooler I have been doing some baking as well.  Nate loves ginger cookies so I made him a batch.  I have to admit that it was my first time baking ginger cookies.

Today is Miss E’s birthday!  So she is the recipient of my first ever hand-carved stamp.  She is OBSESSED with the band, One Direction!  So I made her a “1D” stamp.  I hope she likes it!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last little bit of fall clean-up.  What a beautiful season!

Handcarved stamp for Miss E’s birthday

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