Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat

Cold weather is finally hitting, bringing with it the desire to get ready for the holidays.

This year I am making ornaments.  I haven’t done this in a few years so I am really excited!  I love expressing my creative side.  Painting is so fun!

It was difficult to get a picture of these little guys without getting some glare.  They are painted on used flats from all the canning we’ve done.  I figured why not recycle!   I will hang them either on a small twine or a narrow red ginghamOraments 2012 ribbon I’ve had hanging around.

It was funny as I was painting them I told Nate that I was concerned because I needed some different colors of paint.  I wasn’t sure if what I had would work for the little gingerbread people.  He said, “Well you have brown don’t you?”  I said, “Yes, but I need a couple different hues of brown.”  He said that obviously he was a guy because “brown is brown is brown”.  I assured him that there are many colors of brown.  He asked me who was going to know the difference.  At which point I stated that I would know the difference.

Poor guy!  He got stuck with a creative perfectionist.  Too bad that doesn’t carry over to housework!

I have some other projects that I can’t wait to get going on!  Yeah for Christmas!

Are you getting ready for Christmas?  What kinds of creative things are you doing?

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