How we get through

I was thinking about how we get through the rough days.  What do we cling to that keeps us going?

Yesterday I had a seizure and felt like crap.  My sweet husband came home and jumped right in to help make dinner.  He is so good to me!

Today I’m still not up to my usual self.  I came across something that was sent to me years ago, by an online friend.  I’ve seen a few variations of the words.  It was later put to music and used in hymnals.  These words got me through so much.  I think it is just beautiful!  So I thought I’d share it with you today.


Not Knowing  – by Mary G. Brainard  –  written in the 1800s


I know not what shall befall me,

God hangs a mist o’re my eyes,

And at each step of my onward path

He makes new scenes to rise,

And every joy He sends me comes

As a sweet and glad surprise.

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The Gift that keeps on giving

When I was a kid I was one of those quiet, nerdy types.  I pretty much stayed to myself and a small group of friends.  I was a latch key kid before they ever called it that.  Both of my parents were gone during the day and I came home to an empty house.

I found solace in books.  When you open a book you enter a whole new world.  You can be anything or go anywhere.

In 5th grade my teacher had a contest of some sort.  I don’t recall if I took 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  What I remember is the prize.

Algonquin My teacher, Mrs Rubel, gave me a book called “Algonquin the story of a great dog”.  Oh my goodness I was so excited to get that book!  I think looking back that I drove my poor teacher nuts that day.  I was so delighted that I actually won a prize.  I’m sure my eagerness was a bit distracting

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Unexpected Windfalls

035I think that when I write the word “windfall” we all probably think of money.  It is after all something that we all need.  However, there are other languages that we speak.  I speak paint.  😀

Years ago (15 or more) I had a huge collection of acrylic paints… hundreds.  However, I was in the early years of being a single mom. I worked 60 hours a week and tried to keep up with four wonderful children.  Painting took a back seat and eventually no seat at all.  So I had the paint but no time.  Eventually the paints dried up and I threw them all away.

Now I have time but I had minimal acrylic paints.

I found an ad on Craigslist for paints.  A lady was getting ready to move and so she was getting rid of all of her paints.

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Being a great conversationalist

Okay, I am going to admit to you, right off the bat, that I am not a great conversationalist.  It is an area in which I really struggle.

In my former life I was a juvenile probation officer.  I dealt with people each day.  There were objectives to be met, direct reasons to be talking to someone.  I actually have great interviewing skills.  I have been trained in conflict resolution, de-escalating anger etc.

However, it doesn’t always translate over into talking to people on a personal level.  It seems sad to say that I would have to read a book on how to have a conversation.

Some people come by the gift of words quite naturally. Some of my four children are great conversationalists!  They have that ability to tell a story in such a way that you are completely wrapped up in what they are saying!  Their thoughts just flow.  It didn’t come from me that is for sure!

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Life is a Mirror

mirrorToday I heard someone say that life is a mirror.  If we are a positive person we attract positive people.  If we are judgmental we associate with judgmental people.  If we are a cheat or a thief, we make a place in our lives for people who are cheats and thieves to enter our lives.

Not too long ago a book called The Secret became a best seller on the topic of the Law of Attraction.  Really the idea has been around for eternities, because there are some laws of the universe that just are.  You can’t violate the law of attraction because it goes on our lives whether we acknowledge it or not.

Have you ever known someone to change their whole surroundings to get away from certain friends, just to find that exact type of friends in their new place?

The story goes that there was a young man who was considering moving into a new town.  He asked a local man, who was sitting out on his porch, what the people were like in the town.  The local asked him, “What were the people like where you came from?”

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Neurotic Dog vs New Year’s Eve

Clock and fireworksI have talked about our neurotic dog, Athena, before.  She CANNOT handle explosions, banging, thunder and especially fireworks.

WARNING* If you are easily grossed out do not read further.

So last night was New Year’s Eve.  Hooray for 2013!  At midnight hubby was gone picking Miss E up from a dance.  Which left me, the poodle, Rusty, and Athena alone at home.

Now, I know exactly when midnight came even though I didn’t have the TV on.  Athena went ballistic!  She crawled behind the full length of the couch and hid under the end table.  I got her out of there and told her to go to her kennel.  She went the opposite direction.  The phone rang.  I went to see who it was and lost track of Athena.  It didn’t take long though to find out where she had gone.

I must say that the Heavens were looking down on me at about this time.

I heard her scratching at the bathroom door and whining like a two cats in a fight.  She had gone into a dark bathroom, apparently got the door shut in her frenzy, and was begging to be released.

Here is where it goes from bad to worse.

I opened the door just to be knocked flat by this horrendous smell…

You remember watching horror movies when the victim goes into the monster’s living quarters and you yell at the screen, “No, no, don’t go in there!” ?  Well this was one of those moments.

The scene was like nothing I could have anticipated or ever, ever desired to see.  There was dog poop on the floor.  There was dog poop on the cabinets.  There was dog poop on the wall.  The towels and pajamas that Miss E left on the floor were covered in dog poop.  It looked like a scene from The Exorcist.  I had a thought that maybe the Mayans just got the date wrong.

I slammed the door leaving the aforementioned neurotic dog locked in with her accomplishment.

At this point it was all I could do to keep from losing my lunch!

I called Dear Hubby and told him what I had found and that I wasn’t going to clean it up!

However, I couldn’t stand the smell or the panicking dog for 45 minutes until he got home… so I took off my socks and ventured in.

What happened after that… and the language used… are not appropriate for all audiences.

In the end Athena emerged freshly washed.  The floor was mopped.  The walls were washed.  The cabinets were scrubbed down.  Miss E’s clothes were in the washer.  The window was open and the bathtub got bleached.

Now to say this was a “crappy” beginning to a new year is an understatement.  Thankfully today has been much better!  Whew!

So Happy New Year to you and yours!  I hope your New Years Eve was better than ours!  😀