Life is a Mirror

mirrorToday I heard someone say that life is a mirror.  If we are a positive person we attract positive people.  If we are judgmental we associate with judgmental people.  If we are a cheat or a thief, we make a place in our lives for people who are cheats and thieves to enter our lives.

Not too long ago a book called The Secret became a best seller on the topic of the Law of Attraction.  Really the idea has been around for eternities, because there are some laws of the universe that just are.  You can’t violate the law of attraction because it goes on our lives whether we acknowledge it or not.

Have you ever known someone to change their whole surroundings to get away from certain friends, just to find that exact type of friends in their new place?

The story goes that there was a young man who was considering moving into a new town.  He asked a local man, who was sitting out on his porch, what the people were like in the town.  The local asked him, “What were the people like where you came from?”

The man answered, “Oh they were just awful!  A bunch of snobs who thought they were too good for anyone else.”  The local responded, “Well that’s pretty much what you’ll find here.”

Another man passing through the town stopped and asked the same local man what the people were like in town.  The local again asked this man what they were like where he came from.  He answered, “Oh they are just great!  Real salt of the earth people.  Friendly.  They are my friends.”  The local responded, “Well that’s pretty much what you’ll find here.”

The people of the town had not changed.  Only the perspective of the person who asked.

Several years ago I went with a friend, and five of our kids, cross country to New York City.  It was a wonderful trip!  When we got to New York City it was a brand new experience for me.  I was just taking it all in.  We drove right downtown with my friend’s parents.  I tried to find the sky amongst all the concrete skyscrapers.  I watched all the New Yorkers in their hurry to get somewhere.  I was amazed that even though the street was jam packed, no one was moving, the New Yorkers were laying on their horns.  My friend’s stepdad, who is from the Bronx, was laying on his horn too.  So he was irritated, I was fascinated and my friend was comfortably having a conversation with her mom.

Three different perspectives on the same situation.  The traffic was just the same, but three people all saw it differently.

Life is a mirror.  We get to choose what image we want staring back at us.  Often we realize that what we say or think about others has really very little to do with them, but everything to do with us.

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