Being a great conversationalist

Okay, I am going to admit to you, right off the bat, that I am not a great conversationalist.  It is an area in which I really struggle.

In my former life I was a juvenile probation officer.  I dealt with people each day.  There were objectives to be met, direct reasons to be talking to someone.  I actually have great interviewing skills.  I have been trained in conflict resolution, de-escalating anger etc.

However, it doesn’t always translate over into talking to people on a personal level.  It seems sad to say that I would have to read a book on how to have a conversation.

Some people come by the gift of words quite naturally. Some of my four children are great conversationalists!  They have that ability to tell a story in such a way that you are completely wrapped up in what they are saying!  Their thoughts just flow.  It didn’t come from me that is for sure!

I don’t mind speaking in public, or even teaching a class.  Usually in those instances there is not a lot of two-way conversation going on though.

Tonight dear hubby and I were talking about how usually the husband listens and the wife talks.  In our relationship it seems to be just the opposite.  I just don’t have as much to say and I’m fine listening to him talk.

I ran across a blog post that I think is very helpful for a quiet spouse, such as myself.  It is 50 questions to ask your spouse on a date night.  I think any night would be a good time.  This isn’t the same as when you are on a first date and you are trying to get to know each other with the same old basic questions.  It is getting down to some real “how do you think and feel” questions.

How do you stimulate conversation with your spouse?

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