How we get through

I was thinking about how we get through the rough days.  What do we cling to that keeps us going?

Yesterday I had a seizure and felt like crap.  My sweet husband came home and jumped right in to help make dinner.  He is so good to me!

Today I’m still not up to my usual self.  I came across something that was sent to me years ago, by an online friend.  I’ve seen a few variations of the words.  It was later put to music and used in hymnals.  These words got me through so much.  I think it is just beautiful!  So I thought I’d share it with you today.


Not Knowing  – by Mary G. Brainard  –  written in the 1800s


I know not what shall befall me,

God hangs a mist o’re my eyes,

And at each step of my onward path

He makes new scenes to rise,

And every joy He sends me comes

As a sweet and glad surprise.


I see not a step before me,

As I tread on another years;

But the past is still in God’s keeping,

The future His mercy shall clear,

And what looks dark in the distance

May brighten as I draw near.


For perhaps the dreaded future

Has less bitter than I think;

The Lord may sweeten the waters

Before I stoop to drink;

Or if Marah must be Marah,

He will stand beside it’s brink.


It may be He keeps waiting

Til the coming of my feet

Some gift of such rare blessedness,

Some joy so strangely sweet,

That my lips shall only tremble

With the thanks they cannot speak.


O restful, blissful ignorance!

‘Tis blessed not to know;

It holds me in those mighty arms

Which will not let me go,

And hushes my soul to rest

On the bosom which loves me so.


So I go on not knowing;

I would not if I might;

I would rather walk in the dark with God

Than go alone in the light;

I would rather walk with Him by faith

Than walk alone by sight.


My heart shrinks back from trials

Which the future may disclose,

Yet I never had a sorrow,

But what the dear Lord chose,

So I send the coming tears back

With a whispered word, “He knows!”




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