My new passion

I have begun indexing names for Family

I am having such a great time doing it!  It might not be for everyone.  My dear Hubby says that for him it would become tedious and he would quit.  For me it is an adventure!

Today I was indexing names from people who sailed on the Queen Mary!  How cool is that?

I saw that in 1946 there was a young man working on a ship since the age of 11.  Incredible!  And kids today think they have it hard.  Ha!

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Creative endeavors

Over Christmas I made homemade Christmas cards!  It was so fun!  Next I made a card to send to my niece who is getting married.  Now I am working on Valentine’s Day.

Here is the wedding card.

Wedding card 001

If you’d like to take a gander at what I did for Christmas there are a few examples here.