My new passion

I have begun indexing names for Family

I am having such a great time doing it!  It might not be for everyone.  My dear Hubby says that for him it would become tedious and he would quit.  For me it is an adventure!

Today I was indexing names from people who sailed on the Queen Mary!  How cool is that?

I saw that in 1946 there was a young man working on a ship since the age of 11.  Incredible!  And kids today think they have it hard.  Ha!

I came across a name that was very hard to read so I looked him up on Google.  He had listed himself as an Artist by trade.  His name was Pavel Tchelitcheff (also spelled Tchelitchew). I found him!  He is listed on Wikipedia.  I wish I could show you some of his artwork, but copyright laws and all…

I find that I am wondering about the past and what people lived like.  It kind of brings the imagination to the forefront.

My dad has been into genealogy for years.  He has done so much that I sometimes think he probably has it all done.  What else could I possible add?  I’m sure there are things I could do.  This is just fascinating!

If you’ve ever thought about doing something like this you ought to check it out!

2 thoughts on “My new passion

  1. I have, but my lazy gene kicked in. My cousin has done so for a decade now, and I doubt I could outdo her research skills. She is also helped by the family bible. The other side of the family, my uncle has that bible, and I’ve another cousin there digging in.

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