The joys of being a Grandma

Last week was my oldest grandson’s birthday.  He is 5.  It was also Dear Hubby’s birthday (same day).  So we celebrated with my daughter and her family. My daughter is an amazingly talented cake decorator.  Last year she made a submarine with an octopus on it.  This year she made a “Transformer’s” cake.  Both Trapper and Thatcher were thrilled with the cake.  Trapper because he loves Transformers and Thatcher because there were little balls of fondant that he could swipe off the cake when no one was looking.

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I have learned a lot about these two little boys in the last year.

Trapper is an old soul.  He has a deep and thoughtful heart.  He loves his brother endlessly!  He can beat his Grandma at just about any video game.  (Although I did beat both he and his mom and Mario Party 8 recently!)  He loves it when Grandma makes him a sandwich or cookies.

Thatcher is a flirt, a tease and a real charmer.  Recently I was watching them and Thatcher just walked off the side of the couch.  I gasped.  He looked up from the floor with a twinkle in his eye and laughed!  He thought it was so funny to scare his Grandma.  Then it was a game.  He kept walking off the couch and laughing as he fell on the floor.

It is nice to reflect on how these little ones get into our lives.  We know that a small piece of us lives on in them.  We love them even if they live far away.  We love them as we love their parents.  Maybe even more. 085

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