Time travel

freeimage-3060623-webDid you ever wish you could go back in time and live a day over.  Not to change that day but to savor it over and over again?

I have days like that.  I was thinking about the last time I went to visit my Grandma.  She was tired and had cancer.  She was a widow, living alone in her little house.  She was the sweetest lady.  I always remember how she had these soft cheeks and she always gave these tight lipped kisses when we left.

That day we sat and talked with her.  We looked at pictures she had in a little album.  She told us stories about the people in the pictures.  She offered us food like she always did.  She was ever the gracious host.

When I was growing up my Grandma was the wisest woman.  She told me to help my mother with the house work.  To never forget who I was.  To always be honest.  She was not a stranger to hard work.  She had worked hard her whole life.  When her first husband died she married my Grandpa.  They worked a farm together and finished raising their youngest children together.  They each knew that they missed their late spouses terribly, but they didn’t bring them up to each other.  They were fully in their marriage, no reservations.  They were married 25 years before Grandpa died.

One of the things I remember most about her was that she had this air of peace about her.

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Handling Plan B your own way

I met the nicest lady today.  She bought my washer and dryer actually.

Talk about someone who is handling plan b, this sweet woman is handling it wonderfully.  She had a knee surgery a couple of years ago and hasn’t been able to walk since.  She is getting a full knee replacement next month.

She has been through two nasty divorces.  She was accompanied by a man who is her friend.  They have been friends for 12 years.  His wife died shortly before that.  They travel together, camp together, play cards together, and look out for each other.  She said that people don’t believe them when they say it is totally platonic.  I watched her smile at him and him gently take her arm.  Watching them together I would say that there is a lot of love between them.

She said that when she needs things fixed, or someone to help her pick up a washer and dryer, he is there for her.

In the mean time she still has her space and he has his.

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Mean girls

Have you ever seen that movie “Mean Girls”?  You know the one where there is this popular clique at school, who loved torturing anyone who didn’t fit into their group.

Well, I have come to realize that it goes on way past high school.  Not that we deliberately set out to ridicule or hurt each other.  It’s that as people, especially as women, we judge each other based on our versions of perfection.

We tend to “should” on each other a lot.

Working moms think that stay at home moms should do more to help their family’s finances.

Stay at home moms think that working moms should be with their families instead of promoting their own careers.

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Summer in Oregon

It has been a busy summer here in Oregon.  Last week I canned 21 quarts of peaches and baked a peach pie.

The garden isn’t doing as well as last summer but it still nice to have.  The spaghetti squash alone has been wonderful!

Last week I picked a gallon of blackberries.  The blackberries grow wild and are everywhere!  I am going to try to find a recipe for blackberry salsa.  I had it on salmon once when I was visiting the coast.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Talk about delicious!

I’ve been doing some crafty things, as usual.  It is just fun to lose myself in some creative endeavor.

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