Christmas and memories

It that season of the year again.  The most joyous of all.  We even enjoyed a bit of snow this year!

We put up a Christmas tree that is absolutely gorgeous.  Oregon has Christmas tree farms everywhere you look.  Buying a beautiful tree is easy.  We did the usual cutting off the bottom and then situating it in the stand.  Several hands and eyes are required to get it standing straight.

The smell of a fresh tree is exquisite!  I love the aromas of the season.

I got out my decorations and the memories began.  I have ornaments that I gave my kids as they were growing up, ornaments that I made, ornaments that others gave to me, and the most precious of all… ornaments my kids made when they were little.  I have one that my youngest son signed the back of when he was little.  I smile at the childish handwriting.  I remember when he gave it to me.  Likewise I have ornaments that my other children made.  I even have some cut out of paper and colored with markers.  They are the most precious of all.

Nate has ornaments as well his bring memories to him as well.  By the time the decorating is done we have a tree full of memories.

Christmas traditions get handed down and new ones are created.  My kids always got a new pair of pajamas to open on Christmas Eve.  (I had ulterior motives.  Christmas morning pictures had kids in new jammies.)  This year I made new pajamas to send to each of my grandchildren in hopes of taking part in their Christmas morning and sharing that tradition.

When my kids were little we would go to their grandparents’ house and share a party with family.  I enjoyed this tradition so much!  I always dreamed that someday my kids would be coming to my house to pass that tradition along.  However, we are spread all over the country and so we don’t have that luxury.

I love to hear about other people’s traditions.  The way they enjoy their families.

I know that Christmas can be stressful.  Family get-togethers and parties can involve arguments and hurt feelings.  I’m not really sure why that is, but as families we know where each other’s buttons are, and sometimes we push them.  Thankfully Christmas is also a time of forgiveness as we remember Christ’s love for us.

Some of us have no family nearby to get together with.  Friends become our family while we are alone.  I have great love for my friends who shared Christmases with me.

I hope you are sharing your Christmas with family and friends too.

We wish you a Merry Christmas from the Adams family.

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