Music calms the savage stepmom

Music_image001My stepdaughter, Eliza, has an incredible musical talent.  She now plays three instruments and is learning to sing.  Every day I get to hear her practice.  She does a half hour on the piano and a half hour on the viola.  She also just got a guitar and is doing very well on it.

Music has an effect on us that we don’t always acknowledge.  It creates new neuronal pathways in our brains.  Making it easier to learn new things in general.  Classical music and music that is instrumental can release tension in our muscles and minds.

We all have our favorite music to listen to.  My husband likes old country music and good old rock and roll.  I have always been more of an easy listening fan.

Just before Christmas I bought a Roku for the TV.  I added the Pandora channel.  I have had so much fun customizing channels to my listening tastes.

James Taylor, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Adele, Rascal Flats are some of my favorites.  Of course Eliza’s include One Direction, Demi Lavato etc.

If you have never used Pandora it will play music similar to the artist you choose and then you rate it with a thumbs up or thumbs down.  As you do that a station with just your tastes is formed.

We are enjoying the musical world around here.  I hope you are too.