Today I had one of those “A-ha” moments.  I was painting Miss E’s room and I was exhausted.  I started the project yesterday and finished today.  (Hooray!) Anyhow, I thought of all the times in my life my mom has worked beyond what she should have been physically capable of.  Put another way, I thought of how easy it would have been for her to throw in the towel and simply not do what needed to be done, but she didn’t.

Her resolve and her sense of humor have helped give a framework to my life.

This is not to say that we always got along.  We didn’t.  As is typical in many families we fought.  We distanced ourselves from each other.  The details would fill a book or two.

As time has gone on I have come to appreciate my parents so much more than I would have thought possible.

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Time travel

freeimage-3060623-webDid you ever wish you could go back in time and live a day over.  Not to change that day but to savor it over and over again?

I have days like that.  I was thinking about the last time I went to visit my Grandma.  She was tired and had cancer.  She was a widow, living alone in her little house.  She was the sweetest lady.  I always remember how she had these soft cheeks and she always gave these tight lipped kisses when we left.

That day we sat and talked with her.  We looked at pictures she had in a little album.  She told us stories about the people in the pictures.  She offered us food like she always did.  She was ever the gracious host.

When I was growing up my Grandma was the wisest woman.  She told me to help my mother with the house work.  To never forget who I was.  To always be honest.  She was not a stranger to hard work.  She had worked hard her whole life.  When her first husband died she married my Grandpa.  They worked a farm together and finished raising their youngest children together.  They each knew that they missed their late spouses terribly, but they didn’t bring them up to each other.  They were fully in their marriage, no reservations.  They were married 25 years before Grandpa died.

One of the things I remember most about her was that she had this air of peace about her.

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