The Importance of Family

One of the most basic of needs is a a feeling of roots.  It has been said that we need to know where we come from to know where we are going.

Whenever a new child is born, comments about who the child looks like are a certainty.  Whether we have a nose like Grandpa or the eyes of Uncle Joe and a chin like Grandma we know where we come from.

Caroline Myss calls it a feeling of “tribe”. It is the root system that grounds us.

Now I realize that not all children grow up in their biological family, but they can still have that sense of where they come from.  A sense of security from those who love them.

I think that one of the most devastating forces is the destruction of family.

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My new passion

I have begun indexing names for Family

I am having such a great time doing it!  It might not be for everyone.  My dear Hubby says that for him it would become tedious and he would quit.  For me it is an adventure!

Today I was indexing names from people who sailed on the Queen Mary!  How cool is that?

I saw that in 1946 there was a young man working on a ship since the age of 11.  Incredible!  And kids today think they have it hard.  Ha!

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