Handling Plan B your own way

I met the nicest lady today.  She bought my washer and dryer actually.

Talk about someone who is handling plan b, this sweet woman is handling it wonderfully.  She had a knee surgery a couple of years ago and hasn’t been able to walk since.  She is getting a full knee replacement next month.

She has been through two nasty divorces.  She was accompanied by a man who is her friend.  They have been friends for 12 years.  His wife died shortly before that.  They travel together, camp together, play cards together, and look out for each other.  She said that people don’t believe them when they say it is totally platonic.  I watched her smile at him and him gently take her arm.  Watching them together I would say that there is a lot of love between them.

She said that when she needs things fixed, or someone to help her pick up a washer and dryer, he is there for her.

In the mean time she still has her space and he has his.

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How we get through

I was thinking about how we get through the rough days.  What do we cling to that keeps us going?

Yesterday I had a seizure and felt like crap.  My sweet husband came home and jumped right in to help make dinner.  He is so good to me!

Today I’m still not up to my usual self.  I came across something that was sent to me years ago, by an online friend.  I’ve seen a few variations of the words.  It was later put to music and used in hymnals.  These words got me through so much.  I think it is just beautiful!  So I thought I’d share it with you today.


Not Knowing  – by Mary G. Brainard  –  written in the 1800s


I know not what shall befall me,

God hangs a mist o’re my eyes,

And at each step of my onward path

He makes new scenes to rise,

And every joy He sends me comes

As a sweet and glad surprise.

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Ole Toothless One

One of the joys of having epilepsy is breaking my teeth.  Sometimes I have a vision of a pirate with a parrot on my shoulder and only one or two teeth left in my head.  Aargh!  Avast ye mateys!  Here comes Ole Toothless One!

Sunday I broke my 5th tooth in the last year and a half.  The dentist should be delighted.  I called them Monday and they weren’t open.  I felt too crappy yesterday to go in.  So I called them today.  They are in staff training.  Really?  All of them?  So I left a message and I wait for their return call.

Why is it that when you have a broken tooth, your tongue just can’t leave it alone?  I’m an adult, I can control myself, but no, I find myself playing with that broken tooth.

Modern dentistry is a wonderful thing to have.  You have to wonder though, who chooses to be a dentist?  You know that people HATE to go to the dentist.  You get to play around in people’s mouths all day.  You smell whatever breath they may have… a scary proposition in itself.  No wonder it costs so much!  Well at least I have some very kind dentists that I go to.

So, look out dentist office!  Here comes Ole Toothless One again!

Checking out

Last night my dear hubby and I went to the store to get some prescriptions.  On the way out of the store I went into one of my seizures.  I just check out.  I kept walking with him I guess, but no one was home.  He said that I was kind of wobbly walking with him.  He asked me a question and I didn’t answer.  He realized that I was having a seizure.  He thought I was going to fall at one point so he stopped and just held on to me.

Now when I started to come around I remember seeing people walking towards me.  Apparently we were standing right in the middle of the aisle.  It looked to me like the people were coming towards me in some distorted way.  It was like something from a movie, or a nightmare.

Then I got hit with the headache!  Oh how I hate that headache!  It makes one eye droop.  It is very strange!

Nate said that a little girl was watching me and asking her mommy what was wrong with me.  I feel bad.  I don’t want to scare people!  Obviously there is nothing I can do about it, but still.

On the way home Nate said that he was glad that I wasn’t on the bus or something.  He was afraid that someone would steal my purse.  I was thinking that I would miss my stop and wind up who knows where.

There have been a lot of things in my life that I have had no control over.  Decisions that other people make comes to mind.  The weather is another.  Aging is one that nobody can get away from.  Sure they can do things to avoid the appearance of aging and to be strong and healthy, but they still age. Now I have no control over seizures.

It seems to me that God is reminding me that He is in charge.  He has the ultimate say over what happens.

We like to do all sorts of things to feel secure.  We save for our retirements, then the market crashes and all of our hard earned money disappears.  We buy a nice home and take good care of it, but a fire or flood can take it away in a heartbeat.

What I am reminded of is that we have to have faith.  Some may mock me for a belief in God and say that it is my way of feeling secure.  However, I know with all of my heart, that come what may, He is there.

The first Article of Faith in my religion says, “We believe in God the Eternal Father and in his son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.”

This is what I believe deep in my core.  We may look at life and see nothing but a mess, but God sees the whole picture.  He sees much more than we do.  I believe that there is something much larger at work than we can see.  Believing such, I think that it is our faith that will keep us going when everything else seems to be falling apart.

Sending my prayers and thoughts to all who are losing homes to fires and floods right now.